Friday, May 24, 2013

Thanks for the help?

We're all guilty of it.
We're all on the receiving end of it as well.
You know what I'm talking about here.
Offering unsolicited advice. Especially to parents.
It seems parents young and old, even people without kids, cannot keep their mouths shut about what they think you should be doing with your own kids.
I personally, don't mind a little advise now and then. If anything it makes me feel a little less alone during whatever phase my kids happen to be in. However, I cannot stand unsolicited advice. (even though I'm sure I've offered up more than my fair share)
I always have to stop and think what people think I'm doing wrong? Do they see some sort of problem that I don't, or am unequipped for? Do they know my kid better than I do?
Most often I brush this off and ignore the people trying to tell me what to do. Especially when I don't really look up to them as a parent. But when that 'one mom' (you know who I'm talking about) offers up her two cents, that's when I start to question my own methods.
Maybe we could all just take a moment to think before we speak (or post a comment) and ask ourselves do they really want our help? Or were they just making a humorous observation/comment about their kid?
I try to make it a point that unless someone says 'I need help' I keep my advise to myself. Unless of course I see someone trying to set their kid on fire or something, but she probably doesn't want your help either.  

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